EntreBREWneur Academy and Brewers’ School

What Does It Take to Start a Brewery?

At PKW, we hear this question a lot…

The EntreBREWneur Academy & Brewers’ School is the Answer

The EntreBREWneur Academy & Brewers’ School provides you and your brew team with the knowledge and experience necessary to master the brewing process. The brewers’ school curriculum includes both comprehensive classroom instruction and thorough, hands-on, practical brewing exercises moderated by accomplished brewers and industry experts.

  • My confidence is through the roof now. I feel like I’ve gotten so much training.
    • Patric Hillenbrand, Hillenbrand Farmhaus Brewery, Newcastle CA

  • I’m significantly more confident in my ability to brew good quality beer repeatedly.
    • Chad Powers, Narrow Path Brewing, Loveland OH

  • It’s going to be much easier now that I’ve done this class.
    • Garrett Hickey, Streetside Brewery, Cincinnati OH

  • I’m already 10 steps ahead … It’s invaluable.
    • Michael Barcone, West Kill Brewing, West Kill NY

Highlights from The PKW EntreBREWneur Academy & Brewers’ School

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  • All costs for the brewers’ school 100% apply towards the purchase of any brewing system.
  • All classes and exercises are conducted at our very own brewery and taphouse, The LABrewatory in Portland Oregon, using a Portland Kettle Works brewhouse and other brewing equipment.
  • This brewers’ school is just one example of PKW’s world-class customer service that will enable you to achieve full production quickly, as well as keep you operating efficiently into the future.

Why Attend the EntreBREWneur Academy & Brewers’ School?

Why bushwhack when you can travel a well-paved road? Your goal is to open a brewery; our goal is to help you get there. We have helped launch over 240 breweries with a 97.3% success rate. During this intensive 4-day brewers’ school, we will share our proven process with you to help ensure your success.

EntreBREWneur Academy & Brewers School - Classroom Discussion
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EntreBREWneur Academy & Brewers’ School Curriculum:

  • DAY 1
    • Brewery Design, Layout, & Planning
    • Brewhouse Equipment, Parts, & Inventory
    • Draft Line Cleaning & Maintenance
    • Chemicals Available to the Commercial Brewer
    • Keg Washer Operation & Keg Washing
    • Recipe Creation & Refinement
    • Grain Milling, Handling, & Delivery

  • DAY 2
    • Mash In
    • Lautering & Sparging
    • Boil & Whirlpool
    • Knock Out
    • Yeast Pitching & Harvesting
    • Brewhouse Cleaning Procedures
    • Clean In Place (CIP) of all Equipment

  • DAY 3
    • Glycol Chillers
    • CO2 & Pump Transferring
    • Fining & Filtering
    • Carbonation & Force Carbonating
    • Kegging, Bottling, & Canning Discussion
    • Clean In Place (CIP) of all Equipment

  • DAY 4
    • Our Proven Process: Concept to Grand Opening
    • Pitfalls & Roadblocks
    • A Day in the Life of a Professional Brewer
    • Financial Expectations & Planning
    • Concept Review
    • Business Plan Guidance
    • Next Steps
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