EntreBREWneur Academy and Brewers’ School

EntreBREWneur Academy & Brewers’ School

The EntreBREWneur Academy & Brewers’ School provides you and your brew team with the knowledge and experience necessary to master the beer brewing process.

EntreBREWneur Academy

The brewers’ school curriculum includes both comprehensive classroom instruction and thorough, hands-on, practical beer brewing exercises moderated by accomplished brewers and craft beer industry experts.

  • My confidence is through the roof now. I feel like I’ve gotten so much training.
    • Patric Hillenbrand, Hillenbrand Farmhaus Brewery, Newcastle CA

  • I’m significantly more confident in my ability to brew good quality beer repeatedly.
    • Chad Powers, Narrow Path Brewing, Loveland OH

  • It’s going to be much easier now that I’ve done this class.
    • Garrett Hickey, Streetside Brewery, Cincinnati OH

  • I’m already 10 steps ahead … It’s invaluable.
    • Michael Barcone, West Kill Brewing, West Kill NY

Highlights from The PKW EntreBREWneur Academy & Brewers’ School

Your tuition is totally creditable upon the purchase of any brewery from Portland Kettle Works:

  • All costs for the brewers’ school 100% apply towards the purchase of any brewing system.
  • All classes and exercises are conducted at our very own brewery and taphouse, The LABrewatory in Portland Oregon, using a Portland Kettle Works brewhouse and other brewing equipment.
  • This brewers’ school is just one example of PKW’s world-class customer service that will enable you to achieve full production quickly, as well as keep you operating efficiently into the future.

Why Attend the EntreBREWneur Academy & Brewers’ School?

Why bushwhack when you can travel a well-paved road? Your goal is to open a brewery; our goal is to help you get there. We have helped launch over 375 breweries around the world with a 97.3% success rate. During this intensive 4-day brewers’ school, we will share our proven process with you to help ensure your success.

EntreBREWneur Academy & Brewers School - Classroom Discussion

EntreBREWneur Academy & Brewers’ School Curriculum:

  • DAY 1
    • Brewery Design, Layout, & Planning
    • Brewhouse Equipment, Parts, & Inventory
    • Draft Line Cleaning & Maintenance
    • Chemicals Available to the Commercial Brewer
    • Keg Washer Operation & Keg Washing
    • Recipe Creation & Refinement
    • Grain Milling, Handling, & Delivery

  • DAY 2
    • Mash In
    • Lautering & Sparging
    • Boil & Whirlpool
    • Knock Out
    • Yeast Pitching & Harvesting
    • Brewhouse Cleaning Procedures
    • Clean In Place (CIP) of all Equipment

  • DAY 3
    • Glycol Chillers
    • CO2 & Pump Transferring
    • Fining & Filtering
    • Carbonation & Force Carbonating
    • Kegging, Bottling, & Canning Discussion
    • Clean In Place (CIP) of all Equipment

  • DAY 4
    • Our Proven Process: Concept to Grand Opening
    • Pitfalls & Roadblocks
    • A Day in the Life of a Professional Brewer
    • Financial Expectations & Planning
    • Concept Review
    • Business Plan Guidance
    • Next Steps

Let PKW’s training and world-class customer service help you to achieve full production quickly, as well as keep you operating efficiently into the future.

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