Portland Kettle Works Stainless Steel Beverage Equipment Made in the USA

World-Class Stainless Steel Systems and Processing Solutions

From coffee to kombucha, wine to whiskey, and beer to soda, Portland Kettle Works is the gold standard for American-manufactured stainless steel beverage equipment solutions for batch process, mixing and storage for the beverage industry.

We Help Our Clients Produce Award-Winning Products

PKW has designed, built and installed hundreds of systems worldwide. Our craft beverage makers are among the best of the best — and they have the gold, silver and bronze medals to prove it.

Stay on top of market opportunities, innovation and demands with PKW.

Across Industries And Around The Globe

We design, engineer, and manufacture standard or custom stainless steel mixing, storage tanks and systems for virtually every brewing equipment application in beer, coffee, wine, spirits, kombucha, and any alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage innovation.

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Our Proprietary Approach Reduces Start-Up And Expansion Risks

PKW is known for its hands-on approach to building the right system for your needs. Our approach has been developed through years of extensive experience, thousands of facility tours, and the installation of over 400 complex systems globally. We bring unparalleled knowledge to address challenges our clients may not even be aware of. The result? Solutions that optimize your operations by minimizing labor and inventory, while maximizing throughput.

Are you interested in learning more about driving efficiency and productivity for your business? Schedule a free consultation. We look forward to hearing your vision.

Our Results Say It All


400 installations and a proven process for system integration with over 97% of those craft breweries and taprooms we’ve built all around the world still operating.


Even better, 85% of our clients met or exceeded their initial growth expectations.

Stay Aligned With Market Expectations And Changes

Got a new idea, product, or opportunity? PKW is a perfect partner to help you think it through. We start with a complimentary whiteboard design session to map out goals and possible solutions and provide quotes that help you get buy-in from all your stakeholders.

Upsizing, Downsizing Or Rightsizing

Whether it’s custom-built solutions, standard equipment, or used systems, we are passionate about finding what works best for your financial success. Reach out to us to learn more about what we can do for you.

Looking For Financing?

We’ve helped many of our clients get the capital needed to move forward. Want to learn more? Click here to explore financing options.

Craft Brewing As A Business

Want to learn more about craft brewing? The Portland Kettle Works knowledge base presents an ongoing informational series from successful craft brewers designed to help you learn.

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