Portland Kettle Works Stainless Steel Industrial and Chemical Equipment Made in the USA

Precision Built Liquid Vessels And Processing Solutions

Portland Kettle Works is a premier partner in designing, engineering, manufacturing, and delivering vessels and componentry to solve flow, mixing and liquid batching challenges for industrial and chemical enterprises.

Across Industries And Around The Globe

We have a proven track record of helping adhesive, fertilizer, ceramics, paint, industrial and petroleum-chemicals, manufacturers successfully solve liquid process challenges. Through years of extensive experience, including thousands of facility tours and installations of over 400 complex systems globally, we have developed unparalleled knowledge and experience that allows us to address challenges our clients may not even be aware of.

We Create Solutions And Build Innovation For Your Industry

Our expertise lies in crafting both sanitary and non-sanitary vessels and process components made from quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel, Hastelloy and other non-ferrous metals. We manufacture precision-built process piping and atmospheric or pressurized vessels that manage heating, cooling, mixing, and agitation.

A Proprietary Approach

Before we manufacture top-notch vessels, systems and components, we work to ensure that goals are established and met. Our teams listen and design with intent as they walk through your processes and then present solutions that optimize your operations by minimizing labor and inventory, while maximizing throughput.

Learn more about how we can approach your needs with a complimentary whiteboard design session.

Uncomparable Quality, Repeatable Results

Made with quality materials and built by craftsmen located in Portland, Oregon and Querataro, Mexico, we pride ourselves on designing, engineering and manufacturing systems that we can stand behind. Because over 85% of our clients meet or exceed their growth expectations after working with us, PKW continues to be a reliable partner as our clients adjust to market changes, or launch into new product lines.

Our Mission Is Your Success — And We Bet Our Reputation On It

  1. We back all our systems with an industry-leading equipment guarantee.
  2. We provide servicing by the same people who built your system, ensuring quick and thorough reviews on-site or remotely.
  3. We provide complementary consulting to help you stay in line with market demands or address new opportunities as you grow and evolve your business.

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Founded in 2011, Portland Kettle Works has become the gold standard for American-manufactured stainless steel mixing and storage solutions. We are incredibly proud of our clients and their achievements. We add value as process engineers and business owners who deliver on promises and help to educate while we learn with our clients how to succeed and grow. Portland Kettle Works is your reliable partner for now and into the future and we work with our clients to make them more successful. Plan with us for your long-term success.