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A keg washer cleans stainless steel beer and beverage kegs. A keg washer cleans kegs by sequentially rinsing, washing, sterilizing, and pressurizing the keg. Most keg washers are semi-automatic, but manual and fully automatic keg washers are also common. PKW Kegmaster ™ keg washers are powerful, fast and efficient. They save time, labor, and help ensure that the flavor and quality of your beer remain consistent.

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Portland Kettle Works KegMaster ™ keg washers are designed and manufactured in Portland, Oregon USA, to meet your demanding work cycle.

PKW KegMaster™ keg washer features include:

  • Semi-automatic keg processing
  • PLC Controlled for consistent and time saving results
  • Automatically completes all 4 critical keg washing operations
    • Rinses
    • Cleans
    • Sanitizes
    • CO2 purges
  • Fast and Efficient
    • 2-head model cleans up to 14 kegs per hour
    • 3-head model cleans up to 20 kegs per hour
  • On board heated chemical reservoir
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Caster mounted for ease of mauvering
  • Space saving footprint

Meet The KegMaster™

PKW KegMaster™ Keg Washer

PKW Keg Washer 3D

See the Keg Washer operator’s manual…

Portland Kettle Works KegMaster ™ keg washers have earned a reputation as easy-to-use, consistent performing semi-automatic keg washers for all breweries. A KegMaster ™ will shorten your work day and save you money for years to come.

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Portland Kettle Works was founded in 2011 in Portland, Oregon USA. We build high-quality stainless steel beverage and brewing equipment. We have built and installed over 375 state of the art craft breweries worldwide. As a result, our craft brewing clients are among the best of the best. They regularly win beer tasting competitions and they have the gold, silver and bronze medals to prove it. So, if you’re serious about your craft brewing business, contact us so we can help you, too. In addition, if you’re located in Mexico or Latin America, click here to visit Portland Kettle Works Spanish language site.