Grain Mills and Grain Handling Equipment

The grain mill is the key component in the preparation of malted grain prior to brewing. Milling is the process of breaking the grains’ husk and cracking the kernel to a specific, consistent ratio of flour, including medium and coarse particles. A versatile brewers’ grain mill must be adjustable to accommodate different malt varieties and brewing styles.

Grain Mills from Portland Kettle Works

Properly cracked grain is a major factor in brewhouse efficiency and the consistency of the end product. The grain mill is one component of the brewery grain handling system which also includes the grain auger, grist case, and grist hydrator.

Why Select a PKW Grain Mill?

Portland Kettle Works’ grain mills provide the brewer with several key advantages:

  • Precisely adjustable 3-roller design saves money by increasing control and efficiency in the brewhouse
  • On-the-fly adjustment allows for rapid control of crack without downtime
  • Integrated sample port allows for testing and precise calibration of the crack
  • Field tested by some of America’s leading craft brewers
  • Cracks up to 50 lb (22.7 kg) of grain per minute
  • Integrates seamlessly into the grain auger boot
  • When properly installed the combination MaltMaster grain mill and grain auger system produce almost no grain dust
  • Allows the brewer to crack grains immediately before brew to ensure freshness
  • Provides long-term cost savings over pre-cracked grain
  • Rare earth magnets and safety screen help prevent damage from rocks and metal entering the rollers
  • 60 lb (27.2 kg) hopper capacity
  • Single and three phase explosion proof motors available

PKW Grain Mills

PKW Grain Mill Specifications – Floor Mount

PKW Grain Handling System Floor Mount Spec Image

PKW Grain Handling System – Floor Mount Specifications (Click to download)

PKW Grain Mill Specifications – Suspended Mount

PKW Grain Handling System Suspended Mount Spec Image

PKW Grain Handling System – Suspended Mount Specifications (Click to download)

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