Brewery Whirlpools and Brewing Equipment

What is a Brewery Whirlpool?

Brewery whirlpools are key components of any brewhouse and are where boiled wort is precisely swirled to precipitate solids to accumulate them in a neat cone called a trub pile. Whirlpooling is the final brewing process before the wort is cooled in a wort chiller and yeast is pitched, initiating fermentation within a fermenter. Benefits of brewery whirlpools include clearer wort, faster cooling, increased hop aroma and flavor, and reduced dimethyl sulfide (DMS).

Why Select a PKW Brewery Whirlpool?

PKW Whirlpool 3D

Portland Kettle Works’ brewery whirlpools provide the brewer with several key advantages:

  • Field tested by some of America’s leading craft brewers
  • Our insulated brewery whirlpool adds efficiency, minimize heat-loading, and reduce safety hazards
  • All whirlpools are made of 100% non-reactive, sanitary-finished, 304 food-grade stainless steel
  • The conical bottoms of our brewery whirlpool contains a 2”/5 cm ultimate drain for easy clean-out
  • Our innovative design includes the exact geometry for fast-settling of trub and easy trub removal
  • Integrated Clean in Place (CIP) systems allow rapid and convenient cleaning
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PKW Brewery Whirlpool Specifications

PKW Brewhouse Direct Fire (5-15 bbl) Spec Image

PKW Brewhouse Direct Fire (5 to 15 bbl) Spec Sheet

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PKW Brewhouse Steam (5-30 bbl) Spec Image

PKW Brewhouse Steam (5 to 30 bbl) Spec Sheet

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As with all our brewing equipment, Portland Kettle Works brewery whirlpools are designed and manufactured to exacting standards.

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