Pharmacological Tanks and Pharmaceutical Equipment

Portland Kettle Works manufactures pharmacological tanks and pharmaceutical equipment for virtually all applications. Call us and let’s discuss your custom tank requirements. We are standing by to help resolve your process and storage challenges. 

All PKW pharmaceutical and pharmacological tanks are:

  1. Manufactured from high grade, heavy duty hot forged American made 304 and 316 stainless steel sheets
  2. Cold-rolled and hand welded in our state of the art factories in Portland, Oregon and Queretaro, Mexico.
  3. Pressure tested and passed through continuous quality control measures
  4. Delivered with a Three-year warranty against manufacturing defects

Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Tanks and Vessels 

If you require custom pharmaceutical tanks and vessels, please ask us for help.  Our stainless steel tanks are ideal for all sorts of chemical reagent mixing and storage. We are masters of process engineering, and our highly skilled craftsmen have manufactured stainless steel tanks of all kinds and for multiple industries. Regardless of your needs, you will not find higher quality equipment than the tanks manufactured by Portland Kettle Works.

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