Innovators in Stainless Steel Vessels and Process Systems For Industrial Mixing and Storage

We are here to make our clients successful!

Portland Kettle Works is a turn-key provider of precision-built vessels and systems that solve complex liquid storage, mixing and process challenges for our clients.

We are architects, engineers and developers of liquid innovation for companies across industries and around the globe. Since 2011, PKW has produced over 5000 vessels and built an unrivaled reputation for unlocking new possibilities for clients in the beverage, industrial/ chemical and life science industries..

Our Mission Is Your Success

We begin by investing time and effort toward understanding your goals and operational intent, then design, engineer and manufacture seamless process systems that drive efficiency and consistency in your liquid finished products. Our holistic approach results in solutions that optimize operations by minimizing labor, reducing inventory, and /or maximizing throughput, while allowing for flexibility and future innovation.

Crafted for performance

Our expertise is rooted in crafting vessels and process components made from premium quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel, Hastelloy and other metals. We manufacturer precision-built process systems including piping, atmospheric or pressurized vessels and associated control systems that manage flow, heating, cooling, mixing, and agitation.

Beverage Industry

PKW has earned a global reputation for manufacturing high-performance stainless steel beverage equipment, including batching systems, process vessels, storage tanks, and fermenters for craft beer, wine, kombucha, coffee, dairy products, distilled spirits and more. Our systems exceed the most stringent beverage application requirements. Bring us your ideas, and we’ll build you results.

Industrial/Chemical Industries

We directly engineer, manufacture and test fully controlled storage, mixing, and agitation vessels, that we then integrate into cutting edge, computer controlled, hardware systems. Our cost-effective solutions are designed to minimize labor, reduce inventory, and maximize throughput. We consistently produce industry leading results for liquid chemical, petrochemical, lubricant, adhesive, paint, fertilizer, ceramics processing, and other industrial manufacturers with liquid process needs.

Life Science Industry

PKW is a trusted partner for engineering, manufacturing and delivering precision controlled sanitary mixing vessels tailored to the dynamic needs of the life science sector. Clients focused on highly sanitary precision fermentation, bioreactors, mixing and agitation will appreciate the accuracy, and repeatability built into our vessels and skid-mounted process batch systems.

Custom Product Innovation

We’re your innovation partner when it comes to new ideas. From lotions to proteins to vitamin-infused beverages and everything in between, we’ll whiteboard it with you and produce designs that help you build stakeholder consensus before we move to engineering and production.

Put our experience to work with a complimentary white board session dedicated to sketching out your vision and improving your production processes.

A Proven Track Record

We are known for our systematic approach developed through years of extensive experience, including thousands of facility tours and installations in over 400 complex systems globally. We bring unparalleled knowledge to address challenges of which our clients may not even be aware. At PKW, we work on your behalf to be “architects of liquid innovation,” transforming challenges into opportunities for our valued partners.

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