Germ-Fogger ™

When the COVID-19 crisis hit Portland Kettle Works looked for an efficient way to quickly decontaminate LABrewatory, our craft brewery and brewer training center. We spoke with friends in disinfectant, facilities maintenance, and contract cleaning businesses who pointed us to mostly unreliable, problem-prone, imported Chinese plastic products that forced the industry to continue to rely on inefficient manual scrubbing, sponging and mopping. No way! Instead, our team studied the concepts, and CDC recommendations on proper disinfection techniques. We experimented with innovative concepts and the Germ-Fogger was born!

Our initial plan was to only offer Germ-Fogger™ to our existing craft brewery and beverage production clients. However, the fast spread of the COVID-19 pandemic led us to take the Germ-Fogger to a wider market and see if we can help get the pandemic under control.

So here we are. Our experienced, innovative, and super hard working team designed, engineered the Germ-Fogger™ and we are manufacturing them in Portland, Oregon USA. What you can expect from us is a solid, well-designed industrial-grade product that will last for years of use. Backed by PKW’s industry leading service and support we’re here to keep you running. If you require an economical, industrial-grade, durable way to disinfect just about anything give us a call.

We have created a separate website,, dedicated to high speed area disinfecting.

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Germ-Fogger ™ from Portland Kettle Works