Brewing Equipment Applications

We are open to serve the beer, brewing, wine, dairy, CBD/THC, pharmaceutical, pharmacological, dairy, coffee, kombucha and other beverage industries during the Covid 19 Quarantine and pandemic.  PKW is practicing safe distancing, hygiene standards and following all government suggested Covid 19 safety protocols. Work safe and be safe.   

Portland Kettle Works (PKW) Portland is the premier American manufacturer of stainless-steel brewing equipment and accessories for beer and brewing, pharmaceutical and Pharmacological, dairy, coffee, kombucha and other beverage applications.

Founded by experienced craft brewery & taproom owners, we are your partner step by step to reduce your startup and expansion risks, provide you with hands-on training to get you up and brewing fast and help ensure your success, both as a brewery and as a business.

If you’re serious about succeeding in craft brewing, cold brew coffee, kombucha or other beverage as a business tell us how we can help you and we’ll get started. Just click one of the application area images below for more information on your specific equipment requirements:

Whatever your beverage, pharmacological or brewing application, Portland Kettleworks manufactures the equipment to help you make it a success. We sell you brewing, beverage and pharmaceutical equipment while we support your business as it grows. We are your partner for the long haul. Become a Portland Kettle Works client and experience our industry leading support and success year after year.

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