Portland Kettle Works Launches Website Dedicated to Wine Tanks

New Website Features Open and Closed Top Wine Fermenters, Variable Capacity Wine Fermenters and Wine Totes as Well as Custom Wine Tanks!

Portland Kettle Works, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of the highest quality stainless steel beverage and brewing equipment, has continued its product line expansion by launching Wine Tanks NW (WineTanksNW.com), a website dedicated to providing the highest quality stainless steel wine tanks to winemakers in the Pacific Northwest and across the United States.

Wine Tanks NW wine tanks

Wine Tanks USA breaks stainless steel wine tanks down into four standard categories plus custom wine tanks and fermenters:

  • Closed Top Wine Fermenters – Closed top wine fermenters are used for non-oxidative wine fermentation. Ideal for white wines, during fermentation the tank top remains sealed and an inert gas like nitrogen is used to fill any headspace in the tank and displace the oxygen. .
  • Open Top Wine Fermenters – Open top wine fermenters are used for oxidative wine fermentation. Used primarily for red wines, during fermentation the open tank gives the winemaker access to the “cap” which is formed from the wine skins on the top of the tank as the wine ferments.
  • Variable Capacity Wine Fermenters – Variable capacity wine fermenters can be used for both oxidative and non-oxidative wine fermentation. A “variable capacity” wine fermenter is essentially an open-top wine fermenter fitted with a sliding, sealing lid that can slide up and down the tank to accommodate variable sized batches of wine or the lid can be removed so that the fermenter becomes an open-top fermenter.
  • Open Top Stackable Wine Totes – Stackable wine totes are used for oxidative wine fermentation and storage of juice and grapes. 

More Information

Portland Kettle Works newest website is dedicated to providing the highest quality stainless steel winemaking tanks.

Click here to visit WineTanksNW.com

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Stainless Steel Winemaking Tanks from Portland Kettle Works

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