Portland Kettle Works To Launch New Coffee-Focused Business Unit At Specialty Coffee Expo 2023

Portland Kettle Works Launches New Coffee Business Unit

Portland Kettle Works, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of the highest quality stainless steel craft brewing and winery equipment, has announced that it will launch a new business unit focused on cutting-edge coffee production and extraction equipment. New products will be exhibited in public for the first time at the Specialty Coffee Expo 2023 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. Oregon on April 21 – April 23, 2023.

Specialty Coffee Expo 2023
Specialty Coffee Expo 2023

PKW’s tradition of providing the highest quality stainless steel craft brewing and winemaking equipment to craft brewers and winemakers now expands to cold brew coffee extraction for coffee brewers across the United States.

“We’ve been producing and delivering great stainless steel cold brew coffee extraction equipment for select clients in the U.S. and Mexico for the past three years and now it’s time for us to broaden our horizons,” said Thad Fisco, founder and President of Portland Kettle Works. “We’re here to supply cold brew extraction to cold brew coffee brewers of all sizes in the rapidly growing cold brew coffee brewing industry.”

“To support this expansion we’ve created a new business unit, Coffea Hardware, with its own website, coffeahardware.com, to showcase our innovative new products and design support services,” continues Fisco, “At the tradeshow cold crew coffee brewery planners and architects will be able to discuss their requirements with Coffea Hardware equipment specialists.”

Innovative Coffee Brewing and Extraction Equipment from Coffea Hardware

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