Portland Kettle Works Launches Website Spare Parts Store

New eCommerce Enabled Parts Store Lets PKW Clients Order and Pay For Spare Parts Directly Online.

Portland Kettle Works, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of the highest quality stainless steel beverage and brewing equipment, has added an eCommerce spare parts store to its website. The spare parts store, (https://www.portlandkettleworks.com/portland-kettle-works-spare-parts-store/) contains commonly used expendable parts such as gaskets, clamps, probes, cables, etc.

Portland Kettle Works Spare Parts Store

Using the completely automated store, PKW clients can place needed parts into the store shopping cart, check out, pay for their order using all popular credit cards and have the order shipped to them by FedEx ground all without having to contact customer service.

The shopping cart and payment processing features full 256 bit SSL encryption and real-time FedEx rate calculation based upon the size and weight of the items ordered.

Click Here to visit the PKW Spare Parts Store.

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