KB-135 Expandable Compact Kombucha Brewing System

The PKW BoochMaster KB-135 kombucha brewing system is a compact all-in-one steeping and fermentation system for kombucha brewing.

KB-135 kombucha brewing system.

The BoochMaster KB-135 base system produces 135 liters / 35 gallons per week. Upgrades and accessories can be added to the base system to expand capacity to 3,800 liters / 1,000 gallons per week.

PKW BoochMaster KB-135 Kombucha Brewery is the world’s first expandable professional brewing system engineered specifically for kombucha brewing. It is the culmination of a) deep research into the requirements of small, local Kombucha craft brewers and b) our experience producing hundreds of brewhouses for the commercial craft beer industry since 2011.

PKW’s large brewing systems have become the industry standard, and they are used to innovate recipes and deliver repeatable results for award-winning breweries, large and small, worldwide. Now we’re using that experience to bring efficient, effective kombucha brewing to thousands of boutique kombucha breweries at a never before seen low cost.

PKW KB-135 Boochmaster Kombucha Brewing System

PKW KB-135 Boochmaster Kombucha Brewery

The BoochMaster KB-135 brings “big system” features to boutique kombucha brewing. Now even the smallest kombucha brewers can produce batch after batch of great kombucha while taking advantage of state of the art production features including:

  • Precise, highly-efficient, and intuitive operation
  • State-of-the-art HMI (Human Machine Interface) controls for precise control.
  • Optional agitation mixer on all steeping tanks
  • Onboard modulating pump(s) engineered to perform over the long haul with minimal maintenance
  • Floor level height platform – no decks or manways required
  • Skid-mounted design for ease of installation
  • Modular, expandable design
  • Both 1 and 2-vessel systems
  • Integrated clean-in-place (CIP) sanitary facilities in every tank (requires 3.5BBL or larger tank.
  • Precise HMI volume, flow, and temperature controls reduce drift and allow for repeatable recipe performance
  • Optional pH detection and control allows the brewer to automate pH regulation during fermentation
  • A range of production capacities, scalable to the size of your business

All PKW products come with:

  • 3-year warranty
  • Highest quality Stainless Steel Construction
  • AND a buyback guarantee

Portland Kettle Works KB-135 Kombucha System Schematic

KB-135 Kombucha Production System Schematic

KB-135 Kombucha Production System Schematic (click to download)

And if you need special equipment, contact us. Our engineers, designers and master craftsmen are up to the challenge. So no matter what you need, you won’t find higher quality kombucha brewing equipment than that produced by the Portland Kettle Works team.

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