How to Start a Brewery, Part 7: Cerveceria La Bru, a Mexico Brewery

Brewmaster Ernesto Herrera Operating La Bru's PKW Brewhouse

“Unemployment combined with a great love for craft beer are a magic combination of factors”

Cerveceria La Bru Owner Shares His Experiences Starting a Successful Mexico Brewery

Cerveceria La Bru is a craft brewery started in Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico in 2006 by three Mexican brewmasters who wanted to introduce craft beer to their country.  Their specific emphasis was on the great traditional styles of Old Europe.  Cerveceria La Brü’s approach was in preserving the old brewing methods:  no chemicals, no preservatives, no filtering, and no pasteurization. Today, their Mexico brewery continues to handcraft these traditional beers but with the addition of many local and traditional Mexican ingredients such as blue corn and wild vanilla. Portland Kettle Works recently spoke with Cerveceria La Bru’s Owner, Matthew Hikory, who shared his thoughts on how all this came to be.

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