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Portland Kettle Works, is the global leader in craft brewery resources from start-up to expansion.

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When you ask to get a quote you’ll be contacted within 48 hours by one of our equipment specialists. Portland Kettle Works manufactures the best stainless steel equipment for industrial applications including beer, beverage, wine, kombucha, pharmacological, CBD/THC, chemical, dairy and more. We manufacture the stainless steel tanks that will help you make your business a success.

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Portland Kettle Works was founded in 2011 to build the highest quality stainless steel brewing and beverage equipment applications. Since then we have built and installed over 375 breweries worldwide. Our craft brewers are among the best of the best and they have the gold, silver and bronze medals to prove it. If you’re serious about craft brewing as a business, contact us and we can help you, too. And if you’re located in Mexico or Latin America, click here to visit our Spanish language site.