Financing Your Brewery

Financing Your Brewery – Easy and Seamless

Fact:  Purchasing Quality, New or Expansion Brewery Equipment Pays

Portland Kettle Works designs some of the best beer, cold brew coffee, beverage and kombucha brewing equipment to be found anywhere in the world, and we strive to make financing and investing in our brewery equipment as easy and seamless as possible.

PKW Goal:  Critical, Hassle-Free Brewery Financing

In some cases, the approval process can take as little as 24 hours. Both brewery startups and established breweries can take advantage of our brewery financing assistance.

PKW Services: We Can Help You Start Your Brewery

  1. We design the brewery system to your needs
  2. We manufacturer it specifically for you
  3. We help you arrange your financing for the brewing equipment
  4. And, we’ll buy it back when you’re ready to expand

Applying For Brewery Financing Can Be Easy: Talk to Us

We have over a 97% success rate starting more than 360 breweries worldwide.

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