Vitis Closed Top Wine Fermenters

Closed top wine fermenters are used for non-oxidative wine fermentation. Ideal for white wines, while fermenting the tank top remains sealed and an inert gas like nitrogen is used to fill any headspace in the tank and displace the oxygen. Wines produced this way have a clean, fresh taste and are perfect for early drinking. Stainless steel tanks like the Vitis impart no distinct flavor characteristics to the wine and, because they are perfect for refrigeration, are ideal for wines requiring very cold fermentation.

Wine fermentation tanks, or wine fermenters, are key components in winemaking. Wine fermenters are specialized tanks made of food-grade stainless steel, concrete, wood, or other non-ferrous materials. All wine fermenters are specifically designed to facilitate and control the wine fermentation process wherein yeast converts the sugars found in grape juice to alcohol.   Well-designed wine fermenters precisely control temperature, are easily cleaned, and are engineered with safety features that eliminate hazards to winery operators.

PKW Vitis closed top wine fermenters are the culmination of our experience producing over 1,000 fermenters for the craft beer and wine industry since 2011. Our fermenters are becoming the industry standard. They are being used to innovate recipes and deliver repeatable results for award-winning wineries, large and small, worldwide. 

Standard features of the Vitis closed top wine fermenter include:

  • Vitis top:
    • Truncated conical top: can be either offset or centered for ease of cleaning and cap punchdown operations
    • Punchdown manway: fully welded into the truncated conical top, allows for easy access into the tank for punchdown, inspection, and service
    • Zero pressure/vacuum break: prevents any pressure or vacuum buildup inside of the tank

  • Vitis sidewall:
    • Interior finish: smooth 2-B interior finish, blended and made sanitary at all weldment
    • Dimple jacket: our energy-saving precision laser-welded dimple cooling jackets are hydroformed and baffled to maximize turbulence and minimize load on the glycol cooling system. Both low- and high-pressure options are available
    • Dual-action manway (round): top inswing and outswing manway for complete racking access
    • Dump-out manway (square): outswing only and located at base of sidewall allows complete cleanout of pomace and wash debris
    • Drainage sump: both sump and ports are housed in a precision engineered, removable drain screen inside the tank
    • Racking port
    • Temperature Thermowell port: includes protective temperature control shield
    • Sample port: includes a valve in the sidewall that allows easy samples to be collected

  • Vitis bottom:
    • Sloped floor: enables easier dump-out, cleaning, and other interior operations
    • Tank mounting: can be either floor-mounted or mounted on PKW’s proprietary ring stand

Specification: Vitis Wine Fermenters, Closed-Top

PKW Wine Fermenter Closed-Top Spec Sheet

PKW Vitis Closed-Top Wine Fermenter Spec Sheet

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