Supporting US Manufacturing and Small Business


As the craft beer industry continues to grow at a steady pace across the US and the globe, obtaining equipment can be a serious undertaking.  Most of the folks that contact PKW are homebrewers looking to make that jump, and most are not fortunate enough to live in Beervana that is Portland, OR.  Coming about information on what equipment you need and what you don't, can be hard to come by.  Most accomplish this by due diligence, lots of brewery visits, and calling plenty of equipment manufacturers or vendors.  When its all said and done, you might be just as confused as you were when you started.  Luckly there are still good, honest, and actual manufacturers here in the US.  Based upon our relationship with our clients, we feel confident enough to say that we are apart of the group of manufacturers.

Having said all that, we have one client who had documented their journey in creating their own brew haven.   We would like to thank them for choosing PKW and including us in their journey. We urge you to check out the gentlemen at Cerebral Brewing, but first check out their blog, they have some great information for making the jump into starting a brewery.