How to Start a Brewery, Part 8: Band of Bohemia, World’s First Michelin-Starred Brewpub

“Most of opening a brewery is an unfounded, uncontrollable urge that you have to do this”

Band of Bohemia Co-Founder and Head Brewer Shares His Experiences Starting a Successful Brewpub

FactBand of Bohemia is the world’s first-ever Michelin-starred brewpub.  In the internationally-famous guide’s own words:

So much more than a working brewery with a talented kitchen, Band of Bohemia is in fact a truly inspired gastropub that produces its own utterly unique creations both in the glass and on the plate… Stainless steel tanks [from Portland Kettle Works] displayed in the back hold the culinary minded handiwork of their head brewer.  Those rich brews are matched seamlessly to the kitchen’s boundless small and large plates, which defy expectations with delicious success.” – Michelin Guide

Michael Carroll, Band of Bohemia’s Co-Founder and Head Brewer, recently took time to talk with Portland Kettle Works and generously share his thoughts on starting this Michelin-starred brewpub in Chicago Illinois.

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How to Start a Brewery:
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