Grain Milling Precision is Step #1 in Making World Class Beer

Portland Kettle Works Maltmaster Brewers Grain Mill Delivers
  • Efficient grain milling and grain management
  • Lower operating costs
  • Better control and efficiency in your mash tun
  • Streamlined operational efficiency and
  • Better beer

A fully equipped brewery includes a Brewery Grain Mill, Grain Delivery Systems, either Augers or Chain and Disk, and a Grist Case. Below is an example of a well-designed brewery grain mill and handling system:


Portland Kettle Works Maltmaster Brewers Grain Mill Features
  • Revolutionary grain milling design and performance
  • Engineered and dedicated to grain milling for brewing operations
  • Explosion proof motor and electrical assembly (keeps the authorities happy)
  • Designed to accept grain handling auger boot directly to outfeed housing
  • 3-Roll for precise control of grain crack
  • On the fly adjustability to allow for continual feed of specialty brewing malts
  • Sample port for on the fly sampling of grain crack
  • Set of 3 sieves available with purchase
  • 100% Food grade 304 stainless steel housing and component construction
  • 1-Phase and 3-Phase electrical options
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