Grain milling, Auguring, Hydration and Storage



Grain Milling and Delivery Equipment

The four components of grain handling are milling, auguring, hydration and storage.  Properly configured they form the basis of a highly efficient labor saving system that promotes consistency in your brewing process.

Maltmaster 3-Roller Brewers Grain Mill

Manufactured at our Portland plant, the Maltmaster is quickly gaining notoriety as a brewer’s choice grain milling component.

The only American made mill with a feed rate of 50 pounds of malted barley/minute with a 60 pound hopper capacity that outperforms portland kettle works maltmaster brewery grain millcomparably priced European designs  – the Maltmaster grain mill is engineered specifically for brewing operations.

The Portland Kettle Works Maltmaster grain mill is made out of 100% 304 grade stainless steel with a three-roller design and uses an explosion-proof motor and switch. Our grain mill is available in single or 3-phase power.

The best-engineered mash tun in the world cannot deliver high yield and consistency if the grain is not properly milled.

The answer is to purchase a grain mill designed specifically for brewery operations.

Our easily adjustable three-roller grain mill is engineered to precisely crack malted grain to your specific needs.

The Portland Kettle Works Maltmaster Grain Mill delivers optimal design, engineering and performance in a powerful package.


Grain Auger and Delivery

Once milled, grain is fed to the mash tun by the auger at a constant rate, simultaneously saving labor and literally delivering consistency to your brewing process.

The auger eliminates arduous grain hauling, unnecessary dust, and adds a dimension of operational efficiency and consistency to your brewery.


Mash Hydrator

The proprietary Portland Kettle Works Mash Hydrator showers milled grain with temperature controlled water on its way to the Mash tun.

Mash hydration with the Portland Kettle Works system reduces dough balls, improves mash efficiencies and makes recipe repeatability a science.


Grist Case

The Grist Case is an optional piece of equipment in the grain handling system that has benefits for breweries large and small. It operates as a holding tank in which milled grain is stored on its way to the brew house.

Instead of your brewer being chained to your mill pouring bags of grain, the grist case allows your brewer to pre-mill all the grain, store it, and at a moments notice simply flip a switch on an auger to convey milled grain to the hydrator on the mash tun.

The grist case has been described as a replacement to an assistant brewer during dough in.

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